" I love to see people come into a place of deep peace and relaxation, where we start to express our unique self and joy of life. Being able to support individuals to come into balance is an incredible gift and I feel honoured to be part of their journey."

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Clive Ives is a Master Practitioner of Shiatsu, having gained twenty years experience as a therapist and ten ​years teaching at the British School of Shiatsu.

This is what Clive says about himself, and the work he practices........​​

I became fascinated by Shiatsu twenty years ago, and qualified as a practitioner, going on to teach at the British School of Shiatsu in London and the School of Movement Shiatsu in Bristol. I then wanted to develop further in the work I offered, so qualified in hypnotherapy and Reiki. I deeply enjoyed supporting people through specific life issues such as eating disorders and stopping smoking. As my work changed and developed, so did I, eventually moving to a vibrant healing community called Osho Leela. Whilst there I continued my healing sessions as well as deepening my own process, utilising many active meditations to deepen self awareness.

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1982: Diploma in Shiatsu with

the British School of Shiatsu-Do

1986: Qualified as member of Shiatsu Society

1992: Qualified as Teacher of Shiatsu-Do

1995: Diploma in Hypnotherapy

2003: Usui Reiki Master

Experience:1982 - Now:

Therapist in Shiatsu including other healing modalities as learn't.

1993 - 2003: Teacher at British School of Shiatsu London, Bristol, Nottingham.

1985 - to Now:

Personal Development.

  • Spiritual Master, Osho
  • 2 years of Humaniversity Training
  • Meditation Practices
  • Yoga
  • Tantra
  • Biodanza
  • Re-birthing
  • Pulsing
  • Chi-gong
  • Enlightenment Intensives
  • Polarity Therapy

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